George's Family
Wife Delina Russell


Claire Losty

Blanche Losty

Russell George Losty

Earl Losty

Eleanor Losty

John E. Losty

William Mathew Losty

Jerome J. Losty
George's Parents
Matthew J. Losty
Catherine T. Burns

George's Siblings

John F. Losty

Daniel Losty

Mary J. Losty / Glidden

Clara Losty

Julia Losty / Shaughnessy

William Burns Losty

Delina's Parents 
Alfred Russell
Olivine Dauphinais
Delina's Siblings
Mary Anna Russell
Delia Russell
Samuel Russell
Alfred A. Russell
William Russell
Lena Russell
George's GrandParents
F. John Losty
F. Julia Byrne
Their Children
Mary J. Losty
Matthew J. Losty

is listed above

Pat Losty
Bridget Losty
M. Daniel Burns
M. Mary Wade

Their Children

  Patrick Burns
  Ameila Burns
  Daniel Burns
  Catherine T. Burns
     is listed above
Delina's GrandParents 
F. Francis Rousselle / Russell
F. Sophronia St. Armand
  Russell Children
  Nelson Russell
  Eliza Russell
  Mary Russell
  Alfred Russell
  is listed above
  Almand Russell
  Joseph Russell
  Julia Russell
M. Paul Dauphinais
M. Henrietta Fregeolla

 Dauphinais Children 

  David Dauphinais
  Melina Dauphinais
  Cleophine Dauphinais
  Delina Dauphinais
  Grace Dauphinais
  Mary Dauphinais

  Olivine Dauphinais

   is listed above

George's Great GrandParents
F. Matthew J. Losty
F. Mary Jane Unknown
M. Mr. ? Byrne
M. Mr Byrne's wife unknown at this time
Delina's Great Grand Mother
M. Almira Fregeolla Refrab 


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The Losty Family History
Illustrated Narrative continued...



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George is the son of Matthew J. Losty and Catherine Burns Losty.  He was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts  on March 11, 1881.  George was Matthew's 2nd born and his oldest living child.  He is also Matthew's only son who produced male offspring leaving George to carry on the Losty name. 

In 1900 George, was 19 years old, living at home and attending school as were all of his sisters and brothers. Reference

Between 1901 and 1905 George, like his father, was working in the 'Paper Business'. During this time George met and began courting his bride to be Miss. Delina Russell of 551 South Bridge Street in Holyoke, Massachusetts.



On May 22, 1905 George J. Losty and Delina Russell were wed by Father J.H. Desrochers.  Their wedding was held in Holyoke at the Church of the Precious Blood.  George was 24 years old and Delina was 19.  Reference



Delina Russell was born in August 13, 1885 in Holyoke.  Her Grandparents, Francis Rousselle and Sophronia St Armand (both born in Canada), immigrated to the United States with their son Alfred in 1862.  Learn more about Delina's Family.  Families included are Rousselle, Dauphanis, Fregeolla and Refrab (sic)


In 1906 George's father placed an ad in the local paper which reads:  Matthew J. Losty & Sons - Paper Rulers, Pad and Tablet Makers - location:  corner of Cabot and Bigelow Street -  in Holyoke.  George was 25 years old.  His brother Daniel J. Losty was 23 and their younger brother  William Burns Losty who was only 13 at the time eventually worked in their father's "Paper Business"   

Photo: Matthew J. Losty & Sons
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Claire Losty

In 1907, George and Delina welcomed the birth of their first  born child Claire.  Claire, married William Racine and from this marriage spawned one of George and Delina's 12 grandchildren.  view photos and more



Blanche Losty

In 1909, George and Delina Losty welcomed the birth of their second daughter, Blanche, born in Holyoke. Blanche married Leo Mandeville, MD and from this marriage spawned three of George and Delina's twelve grandchildren.   view photos and more


On April 26, 1910  George (age 28) and Delina (age 25) were living at 12 School Street in Holyoke Massachusetts.  Delina was at home with their 3 year old toddler Claire & ten month old baby Blanche. According to the census George was not an employer, nor was he an employee but rather listed as working on his own account as a Ruler in a paper mill.  Although the census does not indicate what Paper Mill he was working in -- more than likely he was working with his Father Matthew.   References: Page 1Page 2

Note 1910 Census Error:  George is listed as being 27 years old.  That is incorrect.  George was born May 11, 1881.  In April of 1910 George was 28 and turned 29 a month later.



On October, 20th 1911, Delina gave birth to George's first son,  Russell George Losty.  Russell was named after both George and Delina. Russell G. Losty later married Marie Rita Loretta Benoit of Holyoke and from this marriage spawned four of George and Delina's twelve grandchildren.  view photos and more



In 1913, George J. Losty and Delina Russell Losty welcomed the births of their son Earl and daughter Eleanor

Earl Losty married Ida Viamari and from their marriage spawned two of George and Delina's grandchildren.   view photos and more

Eleanor Losty married Edmund Noland and and from their marriage spawned two of George and Delina's grand children.  view photos and more 


In 1915, Mr. and Mrs. George J. Losty welcomed the birth of their third son John E. Losty.   John married Florence LaPierre later in life and never had any children.   view photos and more

Special Thanks to John's wife, Florence 'Tilly' (LaPierre) Losty for her contributions in telling our story.



In 1917, George and Delina welcomed the birth of their fourth son, William M. Losty.  William enlisted in the U.S. Navy and was declared killed in action during the war in 1943.

William M. Losty received the  purple heart metal and was recognized for his bravery in capturing an enemy spy wearing a United States military uniform.  William never married and his body never recovered.  His name is listed on the War Memorial in the Philippines. VIEW Our Memorial To William 


Three years later, in 1920 George J. Losty was 39 years old.  He and Delina are listed in the 1920 US Census living in Chicopee on Pearl Street; however, Georges' granddaughter, Joan (Losty) Ellis says they were actually in the township of Fairview.  George was working in a Paper Mill as a Roller and is listed as an employer.  George's father was also listed in the US Census as a "Roller" in a paper mill and had taken out a mortgage on his home sometime between the year 1910 and 1920 which previously was free of debt. Why did Matthew mortgage his home?  One possible theory is:  Matthew had expanded his Ruling Shop from Tablet Making to include Paper Production justifying the mortgage on his home and the new occupational description as Roller instead of Ruler. Matthew and his three boys, now men, were making a go of it in the "Paper City" during its peak.  While George was at the Mill with his father and brothers, his wife Delina age 35 was keeping house. Five of her children were in school and the youngest children, John E. and William M., were at home.  Their oldest child, Claire, was 13, Blanche was 10, Russell was 8, Earl & Eleanor were 6, John was 4yrs & 6 months, and William M. was 2 yrs & 5 months.   Reference  Page 1 & Page 2

In 1921 George's father retired from the Paper Business and opened The Hill Top Service Station in the Highlands of Holyoke. George remained employed in the Paper Industry and his brothers Daniel and William worked with their father at the station.


Four years later, in 1924, Mr. & Mrs. George Losty welcomed the arrival of their 5th son Jerome Losty.  Jerome  enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force and enjoyed the leisure life of bachelorhood so much he never married.    view photos and more


In 1930, George was 46 years old and employed in a Tablet Shop as a 'Paper Trimmer'.  He owned his home on Everett Street in Chicopee, Massachusetts valued at $3000 dollars and was free of debt.  Reference  Delina was working as a “spooler” in a thread mill and renting an apartment for $38 dollars a month at 62 Hampshire Street, in Holyoke.  All of her children were living there at that time. Her son John remained in her home until he married in 1957.  Reference

It's apparent, George and Delina were separated in 1930 however, in 1943 when their youngest biological child, William Mathew Losty, was announced missing in action; and, the following year when George and Delina were notified by the U.S. Navy Secretary their son was classified as officially dead, George and Delina were once again living together at 298 Chestnut Street The loss of Billy was devastating to the whole family.  It is usually during such hard times as this, families who were once divided come together and it appears, George and Delina did just that by 1944, but it is unknown just how long their reconciliation lasted.  

In 1950, George was living in an apartment at 106 Essex Street and Delina remained at 298 Chestnut. Both George and Delina were raised in homes with strong Catholic upbringings and although George and Delina had separated themselves from each other, they did not from their religious beliefs and remained married until death did them part. "Which is quite rare to find in today's times" (S. Ellis 2004).  

George J. Losty standing on the Steps of the Holyoke Library which was just around the corner from were he lived in 1950.  He is holding a puppy in his arms.  The Holyoke Library seen above, is the large building in the center of the photo above.  Click George's picture to view larger image.


In February of 1950, George J. Losty passed away at the age of 69 in the Holyoke City Hospital. He was laid to rest in his father, Matthew J. Losty's Family plot in te St. Jerome Cemetery. 

Read George's Obituary



Delina lived at 298 Chestnut St until her later years when she moved to a senior citizen retirement community complex at 400 Britton Ave in Fairview, Massachusetts. Her son John and daughter Eleanor also lived in Fairview.  The year was about 1972. Delina was a member of many social clubs and societies in Holyoke and remained a dominant figure in the lives of her children.

The image above of 298 Hampshire Street has been restored to the best of my abilities to resemble what this apartment building looked like before the City was in ruins. Unfortunately for many families who once lived in the thriving city of Holyoke, with its beautiful churches and scenic neighborhoods filled with many immigrants, mostly, French, Irish and German; who, even during their hardest times, were still the gentlemen and ladies they were raised to be, would today find Holyoke an undesirable place to live.  The derogation to this once Picturesque City is a result of neglect, by landlords, to the simplest of maintenance requirements to sustain the beauty of a City.  Graffiti and trash permeate the City of Holyoke today as much as the flowers and gardens did in the years prior to 1970.  Lack of care and maintenance to the properties in Holyoke as well as the economic misfortunes of those that currently live there can be attributed to the destruction of the City of Holyoke as we remember it. Trolley Cars and horse & buggies that dinged and clapped along the city streets of Holyoke and which connected the people in the community are no longer apart of this community. To some extent riding through the city aboard the Trolley's was a social event in itself.  To ride the trolley's around the city to "see and be seen" was popular among the masses.  It really is a shame that this city, which was once filled with our ancestors, trying to make a better life for their children and who are the ones who built the city to be the picturesque home away from home for their families has now been ignored by the state of Massachusetts of which many of its families originated.  The image above of 298 Chestnut Street as it exists today can be viewed here.

The photo below was taken at Delina's 86th birthday party in August 1971 at John and Florence 'Tilly' Losty's house in Fairview, Massachusetts.



Enlarge - Family Photo


Back Row:  John E. Losty, Earl Losty Jr., Earl Losty, Patricia (Losty) Hartnet, Lisa Mandeville, Jerome Losty, Edmund Noland, Susanne (Noland) Kelley, Jack Garen, Theresa Losty, Lucille (DeRoy) Losty, Russell Losty.

Center Row:  Florence (LaPierre) Losty, Ida (Viamari) Losty, Ida is holding her grandson Richard Hartnet, Delina (Russell) Losty, Delina is holding her grandson Timothy Losty, Blanche (Losty) Mandeville, Carol (Mandeville) Garen, Rita (Benoit) Losty

Bottom Row:  Jimmy Hartnet, Jennifer Garen, Tim Garen, Kevin Mandeville, Jerry Mandeville



Three years after the group photo above was taken, Delina passed away on July 13, 1974.  She was 88 years of age.  View Delina's Obituary



Our Name Lives on ....  

George J. Losty's sons, George Russell Losty and Earl Losty are his only children to have male offspring and it is Russell and Earl's children who carry on the Losty name.

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