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The Losty Family History
Illustrated Narrative continued...


1855 - 1930

Matthew is the son of John & Julia Losty of Kildare County Ireland. He was born April 15th 1855 and arrived in the U.S. on May 9, 1863 with his Mother and siblings.  Matthew moved into the city of Holyoke during the late 1800's and remained there the rest of his life.  Matthew's childhood years are documented on his parents history page.  In 1877 Matthew was twenty years old living in Holyoke and working as a "paper maker".  During that same year on May 2nd he married Miss. Catherine T. Burns of Holyoke, Massachusetts in St. Jerome's Church located at 169 Hampden St in Holyoke, Massachusetts.


In 1844, Catherine's parents, Daniel Burns and Mary Wade, were still in Ireland and welcoming the birth of their eldest son Patrick Burns.  The following year, Daniel, Mary and Patrick immigrated to the United States. Two years later the Burns family was living in New Hampshire welcoming the birth of, the newest member in their family, little Miss. Ameila Burns.  

By 1850 Daniel moved his family to Greenville, Massachusetts 1850 U.S. Census where they remained for about eight years -- and during which time, they welcomed the arrival of their youngest two children.  Daniel Burns born in 1850 and Matthew J. Losty's bride to be, Miss. Catherine Burns born on January 19, 1855, Greenville Massachusetts. 

Matthew & Catherine's Wedding






Matthew J. Losty & Catherine Burns were married by Reverend R.F. Walshe, in St. Jerome Catholic Church at 169 Hampden Street in Holyoke Massachusetts May 2, 1877.  Witness to their union were George Hammon & Mary Gorman.


To view Matthew and Catherine's marriage documents click on each of the adjacent documents to enlarge





In 1878 Matthew and Catherine welcomed the birth of their first born, John F. Losty.  Sadly, 'baby John', who was named after Matthew's father, passed away 5  months later on September 15th 1878.  Reference Line 294  

The following year in October of 1879 Matthew became a United States Citizen by order of the Common Wealth of Massachusetts Superior Court.  Matthew was 24 years old.  Witness to Matthews intentions of becoming a U.S. citizen as well as his residency within the State of Massachusetts are M?dard Como and John Norton.


Matthew's signature.

Reference: Matthew's U.S. Naturalization Papers
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

It is notable to mention in these documents Matthew states he arrived in New York on - or about - June 1862.  The correct arrival date is May 9th 1863 as recorded in the Cultivator of New York Passenger list. Reference

In 1880 Matthew (age 25) - is listed on page 13 line 6 of the Holyoke, Massachusetts U.S. Census living on Walnut Street in Holyoke, Massachusetts and working in a paper mill.  Bridget Losty, (Matthew's sister) was living in Matthew and Catherine's home. Bridget and Catherine also worked in a paper mill. Reference

On March 11th 1881 Matthew J. Losty & Catherine (Burns) Losty welcomed the birth of  their second son George J. Losty who later married and produced eight of Matthew & Catherine's eleven grandchildren. Learn more about George J. Losty


On September 11th 1883 Matthew & Catherine  welcomed the birth of their third son Daniel Losty.  Daniel never married.

Learn more about Daniel Losty 




On January 28th 1886 Catherine gave birth to  Matthew's first daughter - Mary J. Losty. She married George Glidden but they did not have any children.



On August 4th 1888 their second daughter  Clara Losty was born. Sadly, little Clara passed away three years later on April 12th 1892.

In the 1889 and 1890 Holyoke City Directories Matthew was employed with the American Pad and Paper company and living at 292 Dwight Street in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Two years later on November 28, 1891 Matthew's wife Catherine gave birth to their third daughter Julia C. Losty. Julia married Michael Shaughnessy. They did not have any children.



On September 9th 1893 Catherine gave birth to Matthew's fourth son and  he  was named William Burns Losty.  He was given his mothers maiden name which is Burns.  William later  married and produced three of Matthew & Catherine's eleven grandchildren.  Learn more about William Burns Losty and his family

It is important to mention - in the 1900 U.S. Census for Matthew and Catherine Losty, Mrs. Losty is questioned about how many children she has and how many are living in the household.  She answered: 8 total children and 5 living at home.  We have located no records for an 8th child.  In 1910 she is questioned again about how many children she has and she answered 7.  It is unknown if this is an enumerator's error but having found no record of an 8th child it is safe to assume it is an error.

In the 1896 Holyoke City Directory Matthew was a superintendent at the Essex Paper Company.  Matthew, his wife and children were living at 202 Dwight Street in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  Matthew's sister Bridget was also living with Matthew during 1896 and she was working at the Whiting Paper Company in Holyoke.  Reference

Note:  Matthew's address on Dwight Street changes periodically as the city of Holyoke grew. You will note house # 202, 290 and 1226 Dwight Street as we continue the story.  However, they are all for the same house. (see photo below)

June 4th 1900  Matthew was 45 years old and owned his home at 290 Dwight Street in Holyoke. He was free of debt. He was employed as an "Overseer" more than likely at a Paper Mill. The census does not indicate Matthew was supervising in a Paper Mill but he surely was because "Paper" was all he ever did.  Catherine was at home keeping house and caring for 5 of their children ages 19 -6 all attending school.   George J., Daniel J., Mary J., Julia C., & William B. (who is listed as Burns Losty).  Reference

Photo Above: Matthew's wife - Catherine Burns Losty and 4 of their 7 children at home. (1226 Dwight Street and corner of Forestdale)

Matthew J. Losty & Sons Ruling Shop

Sometime between 1900 and 1906 Matthew had opened his own Paper Ruling Shop located at the corner of, Cabot and Bigelow Street, in Holyoke.  During 1906, Matthew J. Losty & Sons placed an ad in the local paper advertising their services. 

In the Holyoke, Massachusetts 1910 U.S. Census Matthew J. Losty was listed as an employer operating a "Ruling Shop".  We know from the news ad (above) it was Matthew J. Losty & Sons Ruling Shop.   view full page of the advertisementNote the year of this advertisement is hand written at the top of the page.  (author unknown)

It is also noted in the 1910 U.S. Census  Matthew and his children - Daniel, Mary, Julia and William Burns Losty between the ages of 24 and 16 were working with him in the Ruling Shop and  his wife Catherine was at home keeping house at 1226 Dwight Street.  Matthew, Daniel and William were "Rulers" in the shop.  Mary was the stenographer and  Julia was the inspector.  Matthew age 53 and his son Daniel age 24 are listed as the employers.   Matthew's son George J. Losty married in 1905 and was not living at home. Ten years later in 1920 Matthew was 65 years old and still working.   The census indicates Matthew owned his home but had taken out a mortgage.  He was listed as a "Roller" working in a paper mill. Catherine was 66 and only her children Daniel age 32 and Julia age 23 were still at home.  Julia was working as a telephone operator.  Reference

The Hillside Service Station 

In 1921 Matthew retired from the paper industry and opened the Hillside Service Station located beside his home.   Reference 1  Reference 2

In order to accommodate the new Service Station customers, Matthew & Catherine sacrificed their front yard and put in the station's driveway.  The photo of Matthew's home at the top of this page shows his home with a fence and Trees in the front.

The larger image of the Hillside Service Station shows Matthew's Home beside the station.   View larger image of the Station and Matthew's home.


On May 2, 1927 Matthew and Catherine Celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary and it was noted in the local paper.  read the article

Error in Article:  The article mentions Matthew having arrived in the U.S. when he was 3 years old.  That is incorrect.  Matthew arrived when he was 7 years old.  Catherine, on the other hand, arrived in Holyoke when she was 3 years old emigrating from Greenville, Massachusetts with her parents.

The photo below was taken on the steps of Matthew J. Losty's home in Holyoke, Massachusetts. and quite possibly on Matthew & Catherine's anniversary.

Enlarge The Above Photo

Matthew & Catherine's granddaughter, Mary Losty, now Mary Burgess, recalls visiting her grandparents:

"The picture of the Hillside Service Station brought back so many memories.  My first recollection of it was when I was about 4 or 5. My father (William Burns Losty) used to take me to the gas station and I used to stay with Grandpa.  He would be in the back yard (behind the gas station) and he would be taking care of his flowers.  I remember his mustache and he was always smoking his pipe.  Grandma Losty had beautiful white hair and she looked beautiful to me."


Sadly, on January 28th 1929, two years after celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, Catherine passed away. Matthew laid her to rest in St. Jerome Cemetery in Holyoke, Massachusetts in the Losty Family Plot.  References: Catherine's Death Record and Obituary

The following year on April 1st 1930, The U.S Census was taken which listed Matthew J. Losty, age 74 years as the proprietor of the Hill Top Filling Station, although he was not actually working in the station, and his home at 1226 Dwight Street was valued at 18,000 dollars.  Matthew's son Daniel now age 47 was living with Matthew and his youngest son William Burns Losty was operating the station and soon became the sole proprietor.

39 Days after the U.S. Census was taken our dear beloved Matthew passed away on May 11, 1930. He was 75 years old.  Obituary and Death Record

Matthew is laid to rest in the St. Jerome Cemetery in Holyoke, Massachusetts along side his wife Catherine Losty.  All of his children who passed away are also buried in Matthew's plot except for William Burns Losty who purchased a seperate  plot in St. Jeromes Cemetery.

Matthew & Catherine (Burns) Losty Memorial Prayers


View Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Losty & children's - DOD



Our Name Lives on ....

Those of Matthew's children who blessed him and Catherine with grandchildren where their sons - Williams Burns Losty having three daughters, (Mary, Irene & Claire) and George J. Losty producing six as you will learn in the next chapter of our story.  Continue Our Story



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