Wife Julia Byrne


  Mary J. Losty

  Matthew J. Losty

  Pat Losty

  Bridget Losty

John's Parents
Matthew J. Losty
Mary Jane (unknown)
John's Siblings
Patrick Losty
John's Grandparents
Mr. & Mrs. Losty of
Kildare County


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The Losty Family History
Illustrated Narrative continued...

Julia's daughter, Bridget, now age 19 was a year old when they left Ireland and she had no real motives to return with her mother.   The United States had been Bridget's home her entire life.  Julia's son Matthew had been married for four years to Catherine T. Burns and had established a home for his family.  He had also established himself within the workforce of the Paper Industry in Holyoke, Massachusetts and we believe, Bridget made her decision to stay in the United States with her brother Matthew, rather than return to Ireland with her mother, based upon these facts.   

We also believe, Bridget Losty (having no father or mother to rely on after Julia left the United States) looked to Patrick Losty as her father figure when Julia left for Ireland.  And this is supported by Bridget's Death Record which lists Patrick Losty as Bridget's father.  Learn more about the life of  Bridget Losty

Our Name Lives on .....

Without further documentation on John & Julia's son Pat we can only report that it is their son Matthew J. Losty who carried on the family name which is the next chapter of our story.    

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