Born: 1850

    John Losty

    Mary Caffrey

    Mary Clinton

      Mary Ann Losty
      Catherine Losty
      John William Losty
      Christine Losty
      Margarett Losty
      Elizabeth Losty
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    Michael's Siblings
    Marian/Maryann Losty
    Christopher Losty
    Edward Losty
    Christian Losty
    Patt Losty
    Patrick Joseph Losty

The Losty Family History
1700's to Present
Illustrated Narrative

Michael's Page also contains information about his children's children. Eventually I will create their own individual pages and then this page won't be so long.


Michael J. Losty Hotel

Michael J. Losty, son of John Losty and Mary Caffrey or Capery was born in Ireland during 1850 and christened on August 1851 in Rathcoffey Kildare Ireland.

Mary Clinton Parents Michael's wife, Mary A. Clinton, was born in 1848 in Ireland. Mary A. Clinton is the daughter of Patrick Clinton and Catherine Fritzsimmons correct spelling is Fitzsimmons. Reference: Latter Day Saints Indivdual Records.

Mary immigrated to The United States of America in 1867 Reference: 1920 census record 1920 NY Census Clip

In 1872, (according to Mary Clinton Losty's obituary) Mary moved to Catskill, New york and it was the following year she met her husband to be Mr. Michael J. Losty.

Note to Researchers:
Michael Losty was age 21 when he arrived in the US in 1873 . The following year, in 1874, Michael married his wife Mary A. Clinton in Manhattan New York . Michaels' naturalization papers, which we do not have, would verify his arrival date into the US with that of the Passenger Manifest.

1873 - Michael J. Losty Arrived In The United States

At the age of 21, Michael J. Losty of Ireland, immigrated to the United States without any other Losty family members. Michael Losty - Baltic Passenger Manifest Reference . His origin was Ireland. His port of departure was from Liverpool, England / Queenstown, England and the Ship name was the 'Baltic' seen in the adjacent photo. Michael traveled aboard the Baltic in the storage area of the ship indicating he was either trying to save money or just didn't have enough for a better location aboard the ship. It's hard to say why without knowing some history about ships and passengers in those days. Baltic Ship Michael arrived at the Port of New York on April 21, 1873; ten years after, Julia Losty arrived in 1863. And 30 years after Patrick Losty and his mother Mary Jane Losty arrived in 1843

View Enlarged Image and Read about the ship 'Baltic' that brought Michael J. Losty to America.

Michael arrived in New York at the age of 21 and his destination and/or family contact in the United States (if any) is unknown at this time. However, it is note worthy to mention, Patrick Losty from Kildare County Ireland was already in New York and it is possible Michael J. first met up with Patrick when he arrived. Patrick Losty of Cannan New York was very well known not only in New York, but also Massachusetts and Connecticut as stated in his obituary. Although we theorize, Michael may have met up with Patrick when he arrived it is very possible the actually scenario that occurred as Patrick was also the one who met Julia Losty when she arrived in 1863.

Wedding Clip Art We do know for certain, Michael J. Losty had met his future bride to be Miss. Mary A. Clinton born in Ireland, daughter of Patrick Clinton & Catherine Fitzsimmons within the first nine months of his arrival into the United States. Mary was living in Catskill New York in 1872, Michael arrived in the U.S. landing in the Port of New York on April 21, 1873 and nine months later Michael and Mary were wed in Manhattan, New York January 18, 1874. Michael was 23 years old living in Williamsburg New York, Mary was 26. Her place of residence at the time of her marriage is not legible. Witness to the union of Michael & Mary were: Mary A. Carrigan and Thomas ???? appears to read as Quinn.

Click the images below to view Michael & Mary Losty's marriage certificate from St. Josephs Church and the New York Marriage Record enlarged versions. Both Michael J. Losty & Mary A. Clinton's signatures can be view on the certificate.

Note: Year of Marriage Error: The marriage certificate on the left above, lists their wedding date in the year 1873... but the marriage record on the right, has it scratched off and listed as 1874. Michael & Mary were married in January and obviously Rev. Thos. Farrell, when writing their Marriage Certificate, inadvertently wrote 1873. (I for one have done this many times after the new year has arrived until I get use to writing the new year and this is supported by the Marriage Record from the New York Clerks office which corrected the error when Michael & Mary returned the certificate and as you will see it reads January 18th, 1874.

Michael J. Losty and Mary A. Clinton's Children


Mary Ann Losty, lovingly referred to as Mamie Losty, was born on November 12, 1874 in Catskill New York. Mamie, married William E. Phelan in New Rochelle, New York and from this union produced 14 of Michael J. Losty & Mary A. Clinton Losty's grandchildren. Sadly, 3 of Mamie & William's children died during infancy.

Mary Ann Losty and William E. Phelan's Children

  • Joseph Gerard Phelan
  • John Phelan
  • William Phelan
  • Arthur Phelan
  • Helen Phelan
  • Marie Phelan
  • Margaret Phelan
  • Eddie Phelan
  • Katherien Phelan
  • Sarah Phelan
  • Phelan Infant Death
  • Phelan Infant Death
  • Phelan Infant Death


Katherine T. Losty was born June 20, 1876 in New York. Katherine married Charles Irving Embree in June of 1896 and they lived in Catskill their entire lives. Too many they were known as "Aunt Kate" and "Uncle Irv". Charles, Uncle Irv, Embree worked as a laborer as many men did during their era and Katherine, Aunt Kate, worked in the knitting mill in Catskill. From the union of Katherine T. Losty and Charles Irving Embree produced one of Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Losty's grandchildren. Kathreine T. Losty passed away May 31, 1958, 15 years after her husband Mr. Charles Irving Embree passed away on January 8, 1943.

Katherine T. Losty and Charles Irving Embree's Children

  • Mary E. Embree was born April 19, 1897 and married Clifford A. Overbaugh on June 21, 1919. From the union of Mary and Clifford produced one of Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Losty's great grandchildren. Kathryn J. Overbaugh

  • Kathryn J. Overbaugh was born on December 23, 1919 and married Raymond Anderson. From the union of Kathryn and Raymond produced 2 of Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Losty's greatgrandchildren. Kathleen and Sharon Anderson.

    Kathleen Anderson, married with children. 2004
    Sharon Anderson, married with children. 2004

    Mary E. Embree Overbaugh passed away March 5, 1969, in Joliet, Illinois. Clifford A. Overbaugh passed away six years earlier in 1963.


John William Losty was born on May 2 1878, in New York. John married Kathryn Mackie Whalen.
Kathryn Whalen was born in October of 1876 and is the daughter of Lawerence Whalen. Kathryn was more often than not referred to as Bridget rather than her given name of Kathryn and therefore you will see in the subsequent documents Kathryn Mackie Whalen Losty referred to as Bridget Losty. From the union of John & Bridget produced 5 of Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Losty's grandchildren.

John William Losty and Kathryn Mackie Whalen's Children

  • Margaret A. Losty - b. 17 Nov 1902 and married Edward Conners. (no children) Margaret was a Nurse in New York and has been quoted many times in medical texts and health related articles. She also was one of six winners of the Medical Society of the County of New York's first annual Citizen's Award for health service to the community in 1961. The newspaper article reads as follows:

    The New York Times April 11. 1961

    Miss Losty, who for five years has been acting director of the Bureau of Handicapped Children in the city Health Department, was cited for having "broadened and improved the services rendered children with such handicaps as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, congenital malformation and congenital heart diseases among others."

    Note to Kathleen Carrigan: Please send me a copy of this article so I can add it to this page as well as the Losty Times Online Newspaper.
    Margaret Losty was also quoted in a medical journal in 1950. View the article she submitted.


Michael J. Losty born July 4, 1904 married Margaret (Peg) Seymour but they too never had any children.
Michael Losty of "Hudson" - year 1948 - on June 14 the Berkshire Evening News, Pittsfield, MA Newspaper which often reported events from all over the country and especially in the surrounding areas. Pittsfield, MA is (miles) from New York's Stateline and the Hudson area and on June 12, 1948 this paper reported Michael Losty of Hudson was appointed secretary of county self assurance agency and then repeated two days later on June 14, 1948 View Article

Michael passed away at the age of 90 on July 23, 1994. His residence at the time of his death was 12534 Hudson, Columbia, New York, United States of America


Lawrence V. Losty was born Feb 18, 1906. Lawrence married Consuelo Grace Wilbur aka: Connie -- whose lineage dates back to the earliest settlers in Rhode Island. From the union of Lawrence and Consuelo produced 4 of John William Losty and Bridget Whalen's grandchildren.

Lawrence V. Losty and Consuelo Grace Wilbur's Children

  • Kathleen Losty Carrigan
  • John William Losty
  • nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Son: Matthew b.1984
  • Lawrence Losty Jr.
  • Patricia Losty


John William Losty Jr. was born February 10, 1908 and married Helen Bryan. They too had no children.


Katherine Losty was born February 10, 1910 and she married Bernard Decoufle. From this union produced 3 of Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Losty's grandchildren.

Katherine Losty and Bernard Decoufle's Children

  • John Decoufle
  • Mary Decoufle
  • Pierre Decoufle

John William Losty & Kathryn M. (Bridget) Whalen At age 40 John William Losty, registered for the World War on September 12, 1918. He and his wife Bridget were living in Stottville, Columbia County, New York. Their eldest child was only 16 years old and their youngest was 8. John was a small framed man of medium height, brown hair and brown eyed. In 1918, John's was employed as a farmer for F. L. Stott. Reference: War registration card September 12, 1918 - John's wife, Bridget, was listed as John's next of kid. John William Losty Signature 1918 In 1880, the United States US Census was taken and listed Michael J. Losty was 29 years old and working as a laborer, living in the County of Greene in Catskill, New York - 1880 Census Corporation 5th Election District June 8, 1880, . His wife Mary was 33 years old keeping house. Their daughter Mary Ann was 5 years old and attending school, while their youngest two children were at home with Mary who was about to give birth to their 4th child. 1880 US Census lists Michael, Mary and their first three children living in Catskills New York. Christina F. Losty was born June 4, 1880 in New York and died November 19, 1900. Never married, no children. Margaret A. Losty born born May 28, 1883 in New York. Margaret married Perry W. Coppage and from this union produced 2 children Michael & Mary "Clinton" Losty's grandchildren. Nan Coopage born December 5, 1905 Michael A. Coopage. Sadly Michael passed away while an infant April 23, 1911. Elizabeth G. Losty was born on December 23, 1884 in New York. Elizabeth married Andrew A. Klemm in Catskill, NY on 31 Dec 1902. From this union produced two daughters. Marian & Rosealma Klemm. Elizabeth's husband, Andrew A. Klemm was born in 1878 and at the young age of 34 years passed away during the winter month of December 1912. At the time of Andrew's death, the Klemm Family were living in the Bronx. Elizabeth took her and Andrew's daughters back to Catskill, New York and moved in with Mrs. Michael J. Losty who was also widowed at that time. Marian Elizabeth Klemm married Milton Miller (19 Oct 1936) She died childless on 15 Sept 1939 of TB. Rosealma Gonzaga Klemm born 29 Dec 1907 married Joseph A. Moore on 6 Oct 1935. Joseph A. Moore was born December 20, 1912 Rosealma & Joseph adopted 3 children - Joan, John & Patricia. Rosealma's husband, Joseph A. Moore passed away at the age of 59 on June 13, 1969 and Rosealma spent the rest of her life in Catskill, New York until she passed away on January 7, 1983 at the age of 76. Joan Ann Moore born August 25, 1939 Twin of John. Joan married Richard Gord and from this union produced one daughter. Marcella Gord Joan Ann 'Moore' Gord passed away on the 7th day of August 1982. John Albert Moore born August 25, 1939 Twin of Joan. John married Margaret (Peggy) Woodruff on the 17th of September, 1966 and from this union produced 5 children Joseph Moore Francis Moore Sean Moore Sarah Moore Ellen Moore Patricia Ann Moore born May 21, 1946 Patricia married Douglas H. Lane and from this union produced 4 children one of which is Mrs. Michelle Lane Davis who has submitted most of the information about Michael & Mary's children listed on this page. Michelle Lane. Michelle married Mr. Davis and fron this union produced Douglas Lane aka DJ Lane Kristine Lane Marguerite Lane Patricia's daughter Michelle has been a vital resource for information regarding the lives of Michael J. Losty & Mary Clinton's children and grandchildren. Loretta C. Losty was born October 16 1886. Loretta Losty married William Sylvester Downey born in 1885 and from this union produced 4 of Michael & Mary Losty's grandchildren. William Downey (b. 15 Oct 1917 d. 29 Nov 1979). He married Helen Seeley 3 Apr 1940 and they had 3 children Michael Downey Michelle Downey Daniel Downey Marguerite Clinton Downey b. 23 July 1919, married Joseph St. Lawrence (22 June 1941) and had 4 sons Joseph St. Lawrence Timothy St. Lawrence Christopher St. Lawrence George St. Lawrence Joan Downey b. 13 Oct 1924 d.27 Apr 1925 of Scarlet Fever John Xavier Downey b. 29 Mar 1927, married Nancy Tilford on 19 Feb 1930 and had 3 children who are all grown with children of their own. Michelle Davis 2004 Kerry Downey Kraig Downey Keith Downey In 1910 Michael was listed in the US Census living in Catskill, Greene, New York, age 60. Reference: United States 1910 New York Census Series: T624 Roll 950, Part 2, Page 57A - Catskill, Greene, New York 1920 census record Michael J. Losty & wife, owned a tavern on Water Street in Catskill where they lived early on and at least until 1920 (1920 US Census), they later bought a house in town. A very special thanks goes to Michelle Lane Davis, Kathleen Losty Carrigan and, of course, Joan Losty Ellis (Losty Genealogist), for their contributions in making this Losty's History web page a wonderful family history memorial. Below are the webmasters notes only: Michael J Losty married Mary Clinton, Mary got to the USA before Michael and I found a Patrick Clinton in Manhatten in NYC< I do not know if this is MAry's father but it fits and this is why they were married in Manhatten. Michael settled in the Catshills but he probably lived in Manhatten til he married, like Patrick, he arrived in NYC and stayed there til he was married, PAtrick went to Canaan and Michael went tothe Catskills Michael's father was John Losty wo married Mary Caffery, Mary father was Christy Caffery, probably was Christoper, and Mary's mother was Ellen Kittrick. Christy Caffery's father was Patt Caffery born in 1795 in Monasterevin, Kildare Ireland John Losty and Mary Caffery named one of their sons Christopher and another Patt probably after the grandfather and great grandfather. This is mostly suppositions but a lot of it fits perfectly The info about Mary Caffery father and grandfather came from Family Search. I truley believe the Lostys that arrived in the USA got off the boats and stayed in NYC until they could afford to move further north, especially if they did not have a relative to go to when they got off the boats Hi Joan, I have been meaning to get back to you but work this time of the year keeps me pretty busy. My line descends through Michael Losty(b.1850) and Mary Clinton(b.1848), whom you told me were married on 18 Jan 1874 in Manhattan, NY. I have a discrepancy as to where each came from. They owned a tavern on Water Street in Catskill where they lived early on, they later bought a house in town. I probably have more that I have omitted, especially on the most recent generations. I'm sure there are places I have omitted as well. If you are interested, I can print it up and send it to you. I have it all in my computer. Let me know. I really want to spend more time going backwards now. You gave me Michael's parents as John Losty and Mary Caffrey and their wedding date as 10 Aug 1833. Want to verify that before I add it to my records. Thanks and have a good day! My notes say Michael came from County Cork, Ireland and that Mary was from Clare, in County Kildare. I have not pursued this as yet. I am not sure when they moved to Catskill, NY. Mary's obit states at the time of her death she had lived in Catskill for 51 years, making her arrival in town 1872. Newspapers have been known to be wrong. Michael died 23 Sept 1910, Mary died 14 Sept 1923. All of their children's dates come from the family bible pages, which I have. Michelle Davis

Mary Clinton Losty and Grandchildren

View the enlarged photo of the image above which lists the names of the children in the photo with their Grandmother Mary 'Clinton' Losty.

Note to Researchers: Michael Losty was age 21 when he arrived in the US in 1873 . The following year, in 1874, Michael married his wife Mary A. Clinton in Manhattan New York . Michaels' naturalization papers, which we do not have, would verify his arrival date into the US with that of the Passenger Manifest......

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